New audi q2 2021

Audi has revealed an updated version of its compact Q2 SUV for The new car gets more angular black contrasting trim under the main grille and the headlights now get LED technology as standard.

As before, you can get the metal panel between the side windows and the rear windscreen painted a contrasting colour to the rest of the car.

Boot space is unchanged at litres.

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At first, the new Audi Q2 will come with a hp 1. Audi will add two further petrol engines and two diesel engines soon after, along with a revised high-performance SQ2. Automatic emergency braking and lane-departure warning will come as standard and you can now choose from three new driver-assistance packages. The new Audi Q2 will go on sale in the UK later in Sign up for the carwow newsletter by entering your email address below to receive regular updates featuring our latest videos, reviews, news stories and blog posts from across the world of cars.

You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time. Audi Q2 Audi Q2 updates revealed: price, specs and release date. Share article. Latest Audi Q2 deals. View our privacy policy.Four years after its debut, the Audi Q2 subcompact luxury crossover gets a comprehensive mid-cycle refresh centered on styling and technology. From a design standpoint, the most obvious change is the new pair of headlights, offered as LEDs on all models Matrix LED headlights are available as an option.

There are more changes at the front but only those with a keen eye for details will notice them. Tweaks include a redesigned front bumper with more striking surfaces below the headlights and revised air intakes, as well as the octagonal Singleframe positioned slightly lower than before and featuring new polygon inserts.

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At the back, the Audi Q2 looks very familiar though the rear bumper with integrated diffuser insert is new, as is the signature of the taillights. Customers can choose between two LED versions — with or without dynamic turn signals. Depending on the trim level, the blades on the C-pillars are painted in vehicle color or in black, gray and silver shades.

As for the attachments in the lower section of the body, they are painted in Pitted Black for the base model, Manhattan Gray in the advanced line, and vehicle color in the S line.

Audi says it has bundled all upholstery and colors into eight packages — four for the basic interior and four for the S line interior. Optional features are also bundled into packages, with this strategy to roll out in all model series in the future. Options for the Audi Q2 include sports seats, height-adjustable front passenger seat, two-zone automatic air conditioning, auxiliary heating, power tailgate, and trailer hitch.

When it comes to infotainment choices, the It comes standard with a six-speed manual gearbox, with a seven-speed S tronic available as an option. Some engine versions will get quattro all-wheel drive. As for the driving experience, Audi promises enhanced dynamics thanks to the standard progressive steering and optional mm 0.

new audi q2 2021

The most notable addition is adaptive cruise assist, which enables semi-autonomous driving across the entire speed range. Skip to content. October 10, at pm.

2021 Audi Q2 Facelift, Interior and Changes

This pristine Supra Twin Turbo is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox. A new generation of the popular Mercedes-Benz C-Class is on its way and we have the scoop on it. The Tesla Roadster came within less than 5 million miles away from the Red Planet. October 10, at am. Jaguar thinks its saloons can now be more competitive against the Germans. All Rights Reserved.The subcompact CUV is going through the first facelift since its arrival and the company considers a launching in the United States.

Well, it would be nice to see the mini SUV across the ocean, before the manufacturer fills the portfolio with the rest of the Q lineup. Audi claimed trademarks for all alphanumeric segment from Q1 to Q9. Some experts even say that Q10 is not impossible to see in the future. The Audi Q2 is coming with the same engine lineup as before. The carmaker is not adding the E-Tron technology or any hybrid drivetrain.

On the other hand, restyling will draw attention. The new look will be inspired by the design language of the upcoming Q8 full-size SUV. Still, the subcompact model cannot be so bold and aggressive. It is a city cruiser, best for novices and urban drives, where parting spots are tight and you need to spend as less fuel as possible. Audi keeps the luxury offer at the highest level, so the base versions of Q2 will come with some advanced technologies.

So, it is time for the Q2 redesign. Still, we need a lot more information to find out what will crossover look like. The only lead is a look of new arrivals in last couple of seasons. Minot updates are making their vehicle fresh.

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However, the Q2 is going through a mid-cycle update process, so something special would be needed. On the other hand, exterior changes are not the only thing the facelift is bringing. There are also changes under the hood and inside the cabin. Until we find out more details about the Audi Q2, we will stick up to the existing details.

The crossover utility vehicle will be lighter than before, thanks to the higher usage of aluminum and carbon fiber. Excellent agility and the lack of space inside the cockpit are the things that make you love or hate such vehicles. Audi makes it up with premium equipment and accessories. Well, the Q3 is currently way more popular.

It costs a bit higher but offers much more of everything. One of options for all upcoming Audi vehicles is to get an autonomous drive system. Chiefs of the automotive giant have already spoken about this move, but nothing was launched yet.

Level 2 is still the most advanced technology. The Q2 might get some features that will mark the start of evolution. You will find it optionally.

Special inserts will make the cabin more elegant. However, the offer starts with cloth upholstery. Safety features include airbags, tire pressure monitor, electronic stability control, and a multi-collision brake assist.Audi has revealed the facelifted version of the first-generation Q2 small SUV, which is due in Australian showrooms in mid At the rear, another redesigned bumper features, while the LED tail-lights come with traditional or sequential indicator lights.

There are also fresh sets of alloy wheels to choose from. Of note, Alcantara has been replaced by Dinamica microfibre as an upholstery option.

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It also now supports live traffic data. Basically, it enables self-driving on highways and even automatically changes speed based on traffic sign recognition. Audi promises more petrol and diesel options will be introduced later on. Recent searches How to change a tyre Day trips Sydney Best small car Sorry, there are no cars that match your search. Trending articles. Would you buy a Toyota GR Fortuner? Mitsubishi muscles in on Toyota as new Lexus supercharges its Toyota Land Cruiser Australia's fuel is among the dirtiest in the Mazda says no to a spin-off of Isuzu MU Mazda's rotary engine set to return in Home Car News.

The Q2 now has a sharper look.

2021 Audi Q2 Facelift – a real eye catcher compact SUV

Justin Hilliard. Read More: Audi Q2 pricing and specs revealed. Stay up to date with the cars guide weekly newsletter. Related content. Half-price heroes! Affordable used alternatives for the new cars you want Audi Q2 cars for sale.Jump to navigation. Audi is set to bring its smallest SUV, the Q2into line with its fresher-faced siblings with a mid-life overhaul, and prototypes have been seen testing for the first time. Though the light camouflage of the model appears to reveal design changes will be subtle, we can see revised bumpers front and rear and an updated headlight design, with LEDs likely to be made standard.

Expect a freshened colour pallete and new alloy wheel designs, too. It's not clear yet how extensive the interior updates will be. Audi has moved its high-end models over to a new interior layout focused around a dual-screen infotainment and climate system, but recently facelifted models such as the A4 continue with the dashtop-mounted screen.

The Q2 is likely to retain that, but with a wider screen, the latest graphics and software features plus an updated Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display.

As with other models from the Ingolstadt brand, expect this to be only available on more powerful versions. The SQ2 should return, too, while a plug-in hybrid variant could also be introduced at a later date. Audi RS Q3 review. Audi cuts jobs in Germany to fund EV investment. Audi RS6 Avant review. My most disliked Audi by a long, long way. Rather they scrapped it than redesign it, wouldn't even be to much of loss to VAG it's not a particular great seller. Bob Cat Brian.

I believe this is Marc Lichte's Audi's current design director first design for Audi. Antony Riley. Hence the utterly boring Looks. Its a fride on wheels. Yawn yawn yawn. Marc take a break. Login Register. Newsletter sign up. Mobile navigation. Tabs Menu.

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You are logged out.Now that Audi has the Citycarver in its lineup, the Q2 is no longer the entry point into the crossover family, although some will disagree with this statement since the newcomer is basically a jacked-up A1 supermini that still lacks Quattro all-wheel drive. Having been on sale for more than three years, it comes as no surprise the Q2 is out and about testing an upcoming facelift, which should be revealed in the following months.

Needless to say, the front clusters are in line with those of other recent products carrying the Four Rings, and come with swanky dynamic turn signals that are becoming more common. Some of the prototypes were of a lesser specification and had more basic LED lights along with old-school bulbs for the turn signals at the back.

A similar nip and tuck will be applied to the range-topping SQ2 model, while the long-rumored RS Q2 remains just that — a mere rumor.

2021 Audi Q2 Introduces Subtle Styling Updates, New Tech For Its Facelift

With the next-gen A3 taking center stage next month in Geneva, chances are the Q2 will premiere this fall at the Paris Motor Show early October. Source: Automedia. Home Audi News Spy Shots. By : Adrian Padeanu. Audi's baby crossover is getting a mid-cycle refresh later this year.

Gallery: Audi Q2 facelift first spy photos. Car Buying Service Get upfront price offers on local inventory. Search for: New Cars. Used Cars.

2021 Audi Q2 Debuts With Refreshed, Sharper Styling

About this article Category Spy Shots Facelift. Sign In or Sign Up. Spy Shots Facelift.The refreshed Audi Q2 debuts in Europe with a sharper look and new engine. The powerplant is capable of running on two cylinders to improve efficiency when the driver doesn't need the power.

new audi q2 2021

The transmission options are a six-speed manual or seven-speed automatic. Audi indicates that two other gasoline engines and two diesel mills would be available, too. Audi tweaks the Q2's grille to be a bit more angular. The lower fascia gains larger inlets in the corners, which gives the crossover a more aggressive face. The running lights now run around the outer edges of them.

To see how significant the design changes are, use the slider tool below to see the old crossover on the left and the new one on the right. The exterior of the Q2 is available in five new colors. Apple Green makes its debut in the Audi palette. Depending on what buyers want, various equipment lines make the C-pillars body color, black, gray, or silver. The designers also adjust the styling of the rear bumper. There are now fake outlets in the corners that match the styling of the inlets in the front fascia.

A diffuser is at the lowest portion that conceals the exhausts. Like at the nose, the tweaks make the refreshed Q2 look more rugged and aggressive. Inside, things don't change much. The air vents have a tweaked look with a more complex design. The gearshift is different, too. In terms of upholstery, Audi is no longer offering Alcantara. Lower trims of the Q2 have an analog instrument cluster, but higher grades use Audi's Virtual Cockpit digital instrument display.

The tech is able to control the vehicle within a single lane on the road, include handling acceleration, braking, and steering inputs. Drivers just need to keep their hands on the capacitive steering wheel.

Like with the current Q2, don't look for the refreshed version of the little crossover to be available in the US. Source: Audi. Four years ago, Audi put a trendsetter on the road with the Q2, and it was a huge success.

Now the compact SUV is showcasing its progressive character even more clearly — with an even more striking profile with new headlights on the outside and additional Audi connect services and driver assist systems on the inside. The Audi Q2 is a real eye-catcher — and now it is even more fun to drive. The principle of polygons: the exterior design The Audi Q2 is a robust all-rounder for everyday use and leisure whose character is reflected in its body line: They are sporty, elongated, and powerful at the same time, and the corners and edges give the compact SUV a confident appearance.

As a result of its revision, the Q2 has become a few millimeters longer, now measuring 4. The drag coefficient of 0. The designers have now applied the motif of the polygon, which already characterized the front and shoulder line, to the rear end as well. The bumper has an integrated diffuser insert with large five-sided polygons.

new audi q2 2021

The front has also been modified, with the surfaces below the headlights emerging in a more striking manner. The octagonal Singleframe is slightly lower, making the front section appear wider. Its insert also interprets the polygon motif. The advanced and S line equipment lines feature narrow slits between the radiator grille and the hood that are reminiscent of the Audi Sport quattro, an icon of the brand. The large implied air inlets also appear even more expressive, especially in the S line.

Seven individual LEDs seated in a shared module produce an intelligently controlled high beam light. It always illuminates the road as brightly as possible without blinding other road users.


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