Babylon episode 5 discussion

Please list your own favourites and feel free to explain just what it is that appeals to you. I love the battles, say what you will about the effects, I just love my space battles.

So without any more discussion, here are my top five eps; 1. The whole episode is one long action with the image of a white star impacting an earth destroyer is my most memorable moment. Sheridan tries to minimize casualties and my one complaint is we don't get to know which ships are really superior, the white star or the earth destroyer. The whole episode builds toward the confrontation with earth forces and you can feel Sheridan's despair when reinforcements arrive from earth.

The scenes of Narn plunging into battle are also good. Sheridan faces interrogation in a lonely Room. Please feel free to comment on my favs as well! It's been a while since my last rewatch, but this is my list of today. I don't think it's coincidence that The Lurker's Guide states for every single one of these: this episode is more momentous than most.

Think twice before proceeding to the spoilers; it's worth seeing unawares. Five favourite episodes is no problem. In order, since you never asked, is tricky hence in no particular order The script was cleverly written with the question "Who are you? The scene that 'Got a chuckle' Out Of me though. Gets a chuckle Out Of Me.

Blog Login Sign Up. Five Favorite Episodes posted 4 years ago by flutie 4 replies jump to latest Please list your own favourites and feel free to explain just what it is that appeals to you. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter.It is in the possession of, or sought by, most characters at one point or another. The full picture looks something like this: The train comes from the Soviet Union into Germany, and it is carrying both a gold fortune from the wealthy Russian Sorokina family and enough phosgene gas to kill all of Berlin.

The whole fortune was fake! But then, we discover the gold is the train itselfwhich Gereon and Charlotte figure out by studying clues from a painting of the Sorokina family. In the opening sequences of the last episode, the train is now headed back to the Soviet Union.

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The president of the Reich has stepped in to prevent the police from investigating too thoroughly, or prosecuting the people who tried to import it. Also, Gereon and Charlotte are trying to stop the train and the Nazis and the Armenian. After the Nazis get taken out by the Armenians, and Wolter accidentally blows himself up, and the false gold is discovered, the final shot of the train chugging along the track is of the train returning to the Soviets. This whole gold train situation started because the Sorokina fortune was hooked onto the back of the poison gas shipment.

All along, Countess Sorokina — a. But in studying the Sorokina family painting, Gereon realizes there are no male heirs and decides Sorokina must be a fraud. Kardakov, incidentally, has apparently been hanging out with Dr. Schmidt recovering from his poison gas attack. This goes back to events before the finale, when the Armenian kidnaps Charlotte and locks her in a freezer.

All of that is in the notebook because Stefan was assigned to spy on his boss, secret Black Reichswehr member Bruno Wolter. Ah yes, Fritz. As far as Greta knows, her boyfriend Fritz — a prominent member of one of the German Socialist parties — was shot by the Berlin political police.

There, among the group of shouting soldiers, is Fritz — alive! But her supposedly dead Socialist boyfriend is now wearing a Reichswehr uniform rather than a Socialist pageboy cap. He was in trouble no matter what. Although she appears to drown, Gereon somehow pulls her from the wreckage of their submerged vehicle and revives her. And then she gets to be an official member of the police department!

After all, he worked closely with Benda and risked his life to fly a rickety plane all the way to the Soviet Union to gather evidence that the Black Reichswehr was violating of the Treaty of Versailles. But the finale suggests he may be an opportunist after all: In the end, he gives false testimony about the events that caused the death of two innocent women, in order to protect the police.

Just as troubling, his new boss puts him in charge of a secret commission to spy on the political leanings of everyone in the police department. And his new boss is absolutely a Nazi.

This is the biggest surprise of the finale, and that status means more on Babylon Berlin than almost any other series. In the very final scenes, Gereon is kidnapped in the middle of an assassination attempt by the Socialists!Babylon 5 TV seasons and films — Babylon 5 is an American science fiction television series created, produced and largely written by J.

Michael Straczynski.

babylon episode 5 discussion

The show centers on the Babylon 5 space station : a focal point for politics, diplomacy, and conflict during the years — With its prominent use of planned story arcsthe series was often described as a "novel for television". The pilot film premiered on February 22, The regular series aired from January 26,and ran for five full seasons. Due to Warner corporate structure and policy concerning syndication in general, and syndication of properties produced by the defunct PTEN division in particular, the show has been syndicated only briefly, and did not appear on U.

The show spawned six television films and a spin-off series, Crusadewhich aired in and ran for 13 episodes. On July 31,a DVD was released containing two short films about selected characters from the series. The five seasons of the series each correspond to one fictional sequential year in the period — Each season shares its name with an episode that is central to that season's plot.

As the series starts, the Babylon 5 station is welcoming ambassadors from various races in the galaxy.

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Earth has just barely survived an accidental war with the powerful Minbariwho, despite their superior technology, mysteriously surrendered at the brink of the destruction of the human race.

Some episodes in the second season were aired out of their intended chronological sequence. DuringCommander Jeffrey Sinclair is in charge of the station, assisted by executive officer Susan Ivanova and security chief Michael Garibaldi. The season traces his gradual recollection of his capture by the Minbari during their war with humans. The Minbari came to believe that Sinclair carried the soul of Valena revered Minbari leader. Inferring that Minbari souls were being reborn as humans, the Minbari surrendered to avoid further fratricide.

This action is a source of internal strife between some Minbari. Meanwhile, tensions between the Centauri Republic, an empire in decline, and the Narn Regime, a former Centauri dominion which successfully rebelled, are increasing.

Seeking for his people to regain their former prominence, Mollari makes a deal with a mysterious ally, Mr. Morden, to strike back at the Narn. On Earth, some humans resent the influence of aliens, and seek to eliminate them from Earth-owned property, including Babylon 5. The year ends with the death of Earth Alliance president Luis Santiago, which the staff of Babylon 5 believe to have been an assassination.

Captain John Sheridan assumes the military governance of the station after Sinclair is reassigned, without explanation, to Minbar.


He and the command staff discover that now-president Morgan Clark arranged the assassination of President Santiago. Conflict develops between the Babylon 5 command staff and the Psi Corpsan increasingly autocratic organization which oversees and controls the lives of human telepaths.

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Ambassador Mollari, in preparation for the death of the ailing Centauri Emperor, works with Lord Refa to assassinate any challengers to the throne, while continuing to utilize Mr.

Morden and his "associates"—the Shadows —against the Narn.Hide Ads Login Sign Up. Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Babylon Episode 5 Discussion. Anime Series Discussion. Title Discussion. Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Luckily, her uncle is willing to spill the truth. It almost sounds unbelievable but then again, I remember this series can being a bit surreal at times with its cases. Damn bitch is killing innocent men like that.

Really want her to meet her maker. Fuck that bitch. Imagine there outrage if it was a man doing this to women.

babylon episode 5 discussion

I feel bad for the men, dying in some sick game Although a pretty interesting villain. Also seizaki losing in kendo was a bit funny Assistant wasn't Magase Ai after all. Who was the guy that died at the end of the episode? A certain Tsutsui? At least, short exposure in this episode is needed before he was killed. Lame rendering. Magase is slightly starting to remind me of Johan from Monster ; probably in regard to the position of "most evil" in a series.

Not to mention, that she gave off that whole haunting vibe Man, it almost sounds like she has the superpower to make anyone aroused just by body language, or worse; the ability to manipulate anyone with ease and no ability to remotely resist it. I can see why it would be considered "rape" by people.

Just placing yourself in the same position is frightening to the point of questioning your own mind. That reminds me of the interrogation our boy did, and that back then he almost went insane by the end.

She's certainly a good villain, at least by this episode. By the end, I'm hoping she'll get shot, but I bet she'll commit suicide to end it on HER terms, and that in itself would be sad.

Likes: A good story, characters, writing, romance, a good plot twist or something that breaks expectations In a good way'backstory'and small breasts justice. Dislikes: Bad romance, too much fanservice, the harem genre, yuri, yaoi, and bad writing. StormShaun said: Magase is slightly starting to remind me of Johan from Monster ; probably in regard to the position of "most evil" in a series. Captivating episode, Ai's past was interesting. Damn, Ai Magase. I cannot believe about her past.When President Clark escalates his brutal repression of the people of the Earth Alliance, Captain Sheridan declares Babylon 5 independent.

After his supposedly dead wife Anna turns up very much alive on Babylon 5, Sheridan travels with her to the Shadows' homeworld Z'ha'dum. Secrets are revealed and Kosh's warning that he will die The mission to send Babylon 4 where it's needed continues. Sinclair's destiny is revealed. Sheridan sees what will happen to Centauri Prime in the future.

Zathras explains who the "One" is. See our picks. Emperor Londo Mollari of the Centauri Republic tells the story of the Earth-Minbari War that almost destroyed humanity and later inspired its last best, hope for peace. It's the tenth anniversary of the Interstellar Alliance, and President Sheridan is on his way to Babylon 5 for the celebration.

A team of soldiers and scientists has five years to find a cure for a plague decimating Earth. A group of Soul Hunters come to Babylon 5 demanding the return of something that was stolen from them. Thrown into a distant part of the universe, an Earth astronaut finds himself part of a fugitive alien starship crew.

A disgraced Ranger takes command of an old, possibly haunted, ship on an escort mission that encounters deadly peril from a new enemy civilization. Captain Dylan Hunt and the crew of the Andromeda Ascendant set out on a mission to rebuild the Systems Commonwealth years after its fall. A secret military team, SG-1, is formed to explore other planets through the recently discovered Stargates.

In the vicinity of the liberated planet of Bajor, the Federation space station Deep Space Nine guards the opening of a stable wormhole to the far side of the galaxy. When a full-scale war is engaged by the evil Scarran Empire, the Peacekeeper Alliance has but one hope: reassemble human astronaut John Crichton, once sucked into the Peacekeeper galaxy In the yearit is ten years after the Earth-Minbari War. Commander Sinclair takes command of a giant five-mile-long cylindrical space station, orbiting a planet in neutral space.

At a crossroads of interstellar commerce and diplomacy, Cmdr Sinclair 2d season Captain Sheridan must try to establish peace and prosperity between various interstellar empires, all the while fighting forces from within the Earth Alliance.

It is a precarious command, particularly given that sabotage led to the destruction of Babylon stations 1, 2, and 3 and 4 vanished without trace.

Even though the final season was rather slow, and glossed over a lot of plot lines that probably would have been more interesting, it was still better than most science fiction, and any on television other than the earlier seasons.Babylon 5. Buy now on Amazon. Episode Guide Printable. Season 5 go Amazon. Sleeping in Light Episode Twenty years after his death and resurrection at Z'ha'dum, Sheridan feels his life force ebbing away, and invites some old friends for a final gathering.

Objects at Rest Episode It is near the end ofand many changes are abound. Londo, G'Kar and Garibaldi have already left, and Franklin will be taking up his new position on Earth shortly.

Finally, Sheridan and Delenn leave for Minbar, where the alliance's recently finished headquarters are located.

babylon episode 5 discussion

Objects in Motion Episode Tessa Holloran, former number one of the Mars resistance, arrives with a warning for Lise and Michael - an assassin has been hired to kill them. Meanwhile, G'Kar gets ready to leave, though not everybody is happy about it. The Wheel of Fire Episode Sheridan confronts Garibaldi about his drinking. G'Kar struggles with his growing mass of worshippers. The Fall of Centauri Prime 2 Episode As Centauri Prime is being bombarded, the Drakh, the real masters behind the war, reveal themselves to Londo.

They force him to go along with their plan to alienate the Centauri from the alliance, and use what's left as their new home. Movements of Fire and Shadow 1 Episode Sheridan finally authorizes the White Star fleet to participate in the war. The evidence collected against the Centauri is presented to the alliance council, and a boycott against them is issued. The Centauri react by receding from the alliance and making it clear that they will circumvent the blockade by force. Darkness Ascending Episode Lennier investigates Centauri signals that may be connected to the attacks.

Lyta tries to continue Byron's dream of finding a home-world for telepaths. Lise visits Garibaldi only to discover he is drinking again. Meditations on the Abyss Episode Delenn reassigns Lennier to a Ranger training mission on the border of Centauri space, hoping he can find some proof regarding the Centauri involvement in the shipping line attacks.

Vir undergoes some dramatic changes when he learns that he is the new Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5. A telepath murders his roommate and escapes on a ship bound for Babylon 5. Bester is given the job of capturing him, and brings along two PSI Cop interns to show them how he works. The Ragged Edge Episode It looks like the Alliance will get a break in the investigation of the recent shipping line attacks, when a possible witness may have survived the latest attack and taken refuge on the Drazi homeworld.

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G'Kar returns to Babylon 5 to discover that his book has been published, and he is now a revered religious figure. Phoenix Rising Episode Content Warning: Due to the nature of this week's episode of Babylonthis review will discuss sensitive subject matter, including rape and incest.

There are two threads at work in this week's episode of Babylonone of which continues the generally engaging mystery surrounding Kaika Itsuki and his mysterious mission, and the other…well, the other digs into Ai Magase's past, and let's just say that it's going to be difficult to parse. The Kaika stuff doesn't feature too much into the proceedings, to be honest, but it works well to establish the rapport between Zen and his team of investigators, specifically with the Police director and Hiasa.

To blow off some steam, Zen engages with them in a friendly and surprisingly well animated kendo sparring match, and the whole sequence has everyone feeling more human, especially Hiasa. Up until this scene, she had been presented as a very cold and detached woman, more a sounding board for Zen than anything else, and getting some insight into her martial arts hobbies and even her moral code goes a long way towards shaping her into a believable, three-dimensional character.

When Kaika makes his proclamation about wanting to set up some manner of debate between himself and any politicians that would debate his proposed suicide law, we can practically see the gears turning between all of the investigators as they jump into action — the camera even makes a point to focus on the crew's coffee pot, because this is the kind of procedural where long hours of meticulous work is what gets the job done.

It isn't exactly earth-shattering television, but it's exactly the level of exciting that Babylon ought to strive toward. Then there's the other fifteen minutes of the episode, which goes all in on setting Ai Magase up as the preternatural agent of chaos that Zen and Hiasa will be doing battle against.

Babylon Episode 5 Discussion

Technically speaking, the story is constructed with all of the low-key suspense that makes the rest of the show work, and what we learn about Ai isn't new per se.

She's not just cunning, duplicitous, and dangerous — she possesses some kind of supernatural abilities that give her total control over the people she subjugates, the kind of control that could, say, persuade dozens of otherwise healthy and sane individuals to leap from a building to their deaths.

In order to make sense of what should be an utter impossibility, Zen and Hiasa make their way to an inconspicuous Kyoto health office, where a man named Kurauzu Sakabe is hiding in plain sight. Kurauzu, as it turns out, is Ai's uncle, and he was also her physician when she was in middle school.

Boy oh boy, does he have some stories to tell. This is where talking about Ai Magase, and Babylon 's treatment of women in general, is going to get very tricky, because the show is dipping its toes into incredibly sensitive territory that could either make for some surprisingly nuanced storytelling, or completely blow up in its face.

The first major red flag is when Kurauzu recounts a time in Ai's youth when several young men came to him for help, all of them suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and all of them making the same claim: Ai Magase raped them.

When Kurauzu meets the adolescent Ai for the first time in years, he elaborates by admitting that his niece's budding sexuality and charm was so unbelievably powerful that he literally started drooling over her within seconds of her walking in the door. Needless to say, Babylon is on the verge of making some awfully gross statements about Ai, and by extension the latent, seductive power of the Feminine that she seems to represent.

Five Favorite Episodes

Rape is by its very nature an abhorrent and deliberate crime, born from a disregard for the victim's humanity and agency. Rape, in other words, cannot be a passive crime; it requires the rapist to make the active choice to set aside the will and well-being of their victims in order to satisfy whatever base need they are pursuing.

The problem with how Ai's character is presented in Kurauzu's flashbacks is that whatever power she seems to be exerting over people is not necessarily portrayed as a manifestation of active choice. The boys that feel this anxiety over Ai haven't been made to say or do anything against their will, as far as they know, and even Kurauzu makes it clear that he never actually did anything to Ai, and that he is fully aware that wanting to have sex with his underage niece was a terrible impulse that gestures towards an unforgivable crime on his part.

Now, there is obviously some sort of wrinkle to Ai's whole being that is either supernatural, or the result of some kind of science-fiction experiment gone wrong. When she tells her uncle that she would gladly participate in counseling, because she struggles so much to relate to other people, you even get the impression that this power of hers to allure and potentially manipulate others isn't one she has full control over.

So it could very well be that Ai is going to be presented as a character who possesses a terrible power and has lived a terrible life because of it, and Babylon 's potentially regressive views about agency and the male gaze could prove unfounded.

Then again, the Ai Magase of the present day really is some a manipulative and murderous monster, which just makes things even muddier.

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When she calls Zen at the end of the episode, she's in full-on supervillain mode, taunting the prosecutor with a monologue about her desire to be an old-school RPG-type hero, just before one of the investigators sent after her runs gleefully into oncoming traffic, ostensibly at Ai's command. In this instance, Ai really is violating the minds and the wills of innocents people, and committing murder in the pursuit of her still unknown goals.

If I'm being honest, she makes for a delightfully entertaining antagonist, and Satsuki Yukino is clearly relishing every line she gets to deliver. What could very well make or break Babylon is how it will end up threading the needle that will close the gap between the two Ais that we meet this week, and how characterization ultimately speaks to the show's larger conversation about…whatever it is trying to say.

Or will she prove to be a real human being, a woman whose desires and motivations stem from genuine emotions? The latter version of Ai could prove to be a compelling villain indeed; the former would make her into a walking symbol of age-old misogyny, just another femme fatale who ruins everything by being too damned sexy for the good, honest men to resist.


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